10 items to keep stocked in the freezer

April 21, 2016

Until recently, our freezer was always full but never functional. I don’t really know how it happened, but I could hardly get the drawer closed and there also wasn’t anything in there I was actually planning on eating. After doing a little research on items I should actually be keeping in my fridge, I was inspired to redesign the space with functionality in mind!


We’ll probably always have a few random things in the freezer, but here are the 10 items I’ve vowed to keep stocked in our freezer at all times:

1. Mixed veggies
We don’t eat a ton of frozen veggies on their own, but they’re nice to have on hand if you want to whip up a stew or stir-fry.

2. Mixed berries
The possibilities are endless when it comes to frozen mixed berries. Smoothies, ice cream toppings, or you can even drop a few in your champagne or wine for quick (and cute!) chilling that won’t waterΒ down your drink.


3. Chicken
We eat chicken every week, so it only makes sense to keep some stocked in our freezer.

4. Ground beef
Same goes for ground beef.

5. Salmon
We keep these individually-portioned salmon fillets in our freezer and eat them pretty frequently!


6. Loaf of bread
My mom always kept a loaf of bread in our freezer growing up, and it makes so much sense. We can never eat an entire loaf before it starts to go bad, so even freezing half of the loaf before it molds would be a smart thing to do!


7.Β Lasagna (or casserole)
I know most pasta and casserole dishes aren’t the lightest of choices, but on nights when we really don’t feel like cooking (but also don’t want to go out), having a casserole ready to go feels like a real luxury!


8. Frozen pizza
I always think of frozen pizza as an absolute last resort, but it’s nice to have when you’re completely out of groceries but also don’t feel like going to the store!


9. Frozen treat
In our home, that’s usually Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla, but I also like to keep some popsicles on hand to satisfy my sweet tooth.


10. Cookies
My friend Alyssa taught me this tip! Whenever I bake cookies, we end up with so many — so I’ve started freezing a batch. They thaw out quickly and taste like they were freshly baked!


Any other items you all keep stocked in your freezer?! Please share!

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    Our frozen treat is always a bomb pop! πŸ™‚

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