10 supplies for building your own gift wrapping gift box

March 8, 2016

A couple of years ago, I came across a post by Cupcakes & Cashmere where they used gift wrap, not as an accessory to a present, but as the present itself. I wanted to share the post, but I dug around and couldn’t find it — so instead, I’m sharing my own interpretation of the idea, inspired by C&C.


I love picking up gift tags and testing out new kinds of ribbon, but I understand not everyone enjoys the hunt as much as I do. That doesn’t mean they don’t like to dress up their little gifts, though! I know it takes a special kind of recipient to actually enjoy this type of gift, but hopefully you have someone in your life who may like a few accessories to spruce up their wrapping scene.


When creating my gift wrapping gift box, I steered clear of larger items like wrapping paper and gift bags, because this is really only intended to help accessorize gifts. (And that would have required a much larger box.) This box is comprised of a combination of things from my own supply and things I’ve picked up here and there, specifically for the box. Most of the items came from The Container Store, but I’ve also found little odds and ends at stores like T.J. Maxx, Tuesday Morning and Michaels.


IMG_1152 (1)

These are really intended for popcorn, but I use them for all sorts of things!


Instead of including full rolls of ribbon which would take up a lot of room in the box, I cut about 3 yards off of a couple of my own larger rolls.


IMG_1128 (1)

I layered the supplies in the box, starting with the tissue paper at the bottom, and tried to make sure all of the items peeked out, even if it was just a little. To finish off the box, I tied a ribbon around it — which not only makes it feel like a gift, but is also reusable by the recipient.


Happy accessorizing!

The goods:
plastic box from The Container Store
ribbon from The Ribbon Factory
green and white striped treat sacks in-store at Tuesday Morning (similar from Michaels)
tissue paper in-store at Tuesday Morning (similar from The Container Store)
baker’s twine in-store at Tuesday Morning (similar from Michaels)
washi tape from The Container Store
aqua gift tags from The Container Store
kraft coffee bag from The Container Store
pinstriped treat sacks from The Container Store
multi dot popcorn boxes from The Container Store

And ICYMI, Stock the occasions closet: gift wrap.

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