11 things Truman swears by

February 18, 2016

I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to formally introduce the bloggie world to our sweet pup, Truman! Truman is our 1-year-old goldendoodle, who was supposed to be a mini, but just keeps growing! He acts like a human, so we treat him like a human. (Or maybe it’s the other way around…) Either way — to say Mr. AG and I are crazy about this big ball of fluff would be an understatement. Today, Truman is very excited to share a few of his favorite things!    Truman collage1. Blue Stix by Blue Buffalo
These are number one for a reason — they are Truman’s favorite treats! (And he’s tried a lot of treats– he didn’t get to be a 50 pound mini doodle by passing on dessert.) We love them also because they can be easily broken into pieces and used as training treats. When Truman is being stubborn and won’t come, a simple rattle of the jar we store these in is all it takes for Truman to have a quick attitude adjustment!

2. Cotton Rope Tug and Toss Dog Toy by Harry Barker
The true test of how well a toy is designed is if it takes Truman longer than 10 minutes to destroy. I’m happy to report that this toy passed the test! Truman loves playing tug of war, and so far — this is one of the only ropes that has remained intact.

3. Plaid Slipper Toy by Harry Barker
Truman tends to favor soft toys over hard toys, but as previously mentioned — he destroys them almost immediately. I’m proud to say we’ve been playing with this slipper since Christmas, and it’s still in great shape! (And its cute factor is an added bonus!)

4. Flippi V6 Personal Air Circulator by Vornado
If this doesn’t scream high maintenance dog, I don’t know what does. Truman is crate-trained and on days he doesn’t go to his very favorite place, Kinder Kritter Daycare, he’s in his crate. This fan doesn’t take up much space at all, and the sound of it alone is enough to put Truman to sleep immediately. It also keeps him cool, because big boy wears a heavy coat.

5. Hedgehog Natural Dog Chew by Whimzees
These chews are every bit as weird as they look in the picture, but Truman LOVES them. They are intended to be chewed on like bones, but Truman eats the entire thing in three minutes or less. Thus, we have to limit how often we give them to him, because Truman shows no self-control.

6. Drying Towel by Bone Dry
Truman loves to dig and doesn’t mind the rain one bit, so you can only imagine what he tracks into the house on nasty days. This towel is super absorbent and dries his paws off much quicker than a regular bath towel. We leave this in the closet off of our back door for easy access, and it gets used often!

7. Body & Paws Pet Wipes by John Paul
When the towel alone can’t tackle the job, we pull these out. They smell great, and have gotten Truman out of several emergency-baths.

8.  DuraPet Square Bowls by Our Pets
Truman has had a few different dog dishes, and while there’s nothing fancy or cute about these, they are our favorites for more practical reasons. The permanently-bonded grip on the bottom keeps the bowl from sliding around and doesn’t pop off like other bowls we’ve tried. Truman’s feeding station is also set up under a bench in our kitchen, so the design of this bowl is extra perfect because the lip is lower in the front. It makes accessing food and water all the easier for our always-thirsty and hungry pup!

9. Buddy Splash Lavender and Mint Spritzer and Conditioner by Cloud Star
This spray smells amazing! Not one for much fuss, Truman hates being sprayed with anything. When he’s overdue for a bath, I just spray a few spritzes of this directly onto his brush before combing through his mane, and it makes a world of difference!

10. Ultimate All-Natural Pet Shampoo by Groomer’s Edge
Doodle hair and skin is a little high-maintenance, and depending on the texture of their hair, can dry out easily. This shampoo was recommended to us by Truman’s breeder, as they use it on all of their dogs. It smells great and also keeps T itch-free!

11. Natural Zip Top Canvas Tote Bag by Lands’ End
Since Mr. AG and I both have families out-of-state, Truman goes on lots of trips — so of course, he needed his own tote to carry all of his things! We have the large tote, which is honestly much bigger than we have need for these days, but we love the design of the bag. The top zips completely closed, so nothing ever falls out. There are also good pockets on the inner lining, which helps organize the bag a little more easily. And the front pocket is great for stashing an emergency bone or two.

Any other fur-parents out there with favorite pup products?! We’d love to hear!

For more behind-the-scenes looks into Truman’s life, follow him on Instagram: @ThatsSoTruman!

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    Truman has such great taste! One of Chip’s favorite things is a big ‘ol fluffy pillow on the floor to relax after a long day. 🙂

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