3 tips for elevating your holiday gift wrapping

December 5, 2016

This post comes with a big caveat that the holidays are about so much more than gift giving. It’s really easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, but I think it’s important to try not to do it all. Find the couple of things that are important to you, and focus your energy in those areas. When it’s all said and done, the memories you make and the time you spend with family and friends are so much more important than your perfect centerpiece or Christmas Eve dinner or — you guessed it — even the gift wrapping! (This is mostly a note-to-self!) 😉

Personally, I love wrapping gifts. If I didn’t, there is no way I would put so much energy into it! Unfortunately for my gift recipients, sometimes the wrapping even trumps the gift. (Oops!) But if gift wrapping is something you have no interest in, grab a few gift bags, some tissue paper, and disregard the rest of this post!

Since wrapping is so fun for me, I’ve compiled three tips I follow when creating a cohesive gift wrap look-and-feel.

1. Decide on a wrapping theme.
I went a very nontraditional holiday route this year and opted for a black and white theme. I used gift tags that were a little more “Christmassy” to make sure the gifts didn’t get mistaken for sympathy presents. And for something a little different, I like the way they turned out! In the past, I’ve done everything from red and white to all white and even Tiffany blue and red.



2. Follow the rule of three.
To get a coordinated but not matchy-matchy look (something I’m so desperately seeking to master, in gift wrapping and in life), I follow the rule of three (and as it relates to gift wrapping, I completely made this up): three different patterns of wrapping paper and three different options for ribbon. Ideally, all three ribbon options would work with any three paper options. For paper, I went with solid black, black and white stripes, and kraft paper. (I cheated and got two different styles of stripes. Please don’t tell the wrapping police!) And for ribbon, I did two different black and white stripes and a roll of solid black. (I also cheated on this and used some white pom-pom ribbon that I already had for two small gifts.) The only pairing I tried to steer clear of was the black on black, but I actually don’t hate that idea. (And basically this tip should be rewritten to say the “rule of four.”)



3. Opt for a couple of mid-priced paper rolls and mix in a cheaper option, too.
I never buy the most expensive roll, but I try not to buy the cheapest either. I have nothing against cheap wrapping paper (I get a lot of mine at Marshall’s and T.J. Maxx), but the really cheap stuff tears so easily and often times, there is very little on the roll. To keep things cost-friendly, I splurged on the striped paper, but got a big roll of inexpensive kraft paper to mix in. I love using kraft paper, because it works with nearly any color scheme. The black paper I got is actually chalkboard paper, but I loved the matte look and the price was good too, so I went with it.



Does anyone have any other tips for holiday wrapping?! I’m all ears!
Kraft Paper via The Container Store
Chalkboard Paper via Michael’s
Black Taffy Stripe ribbon via Ribbon Factory
Black Monarch Stripe ribbon via Ribbon Factory
Black Satin Ribbon via The Container Store
Gift tags via Marshall’s (not available online)

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