Hotel-ify the guest bathroom with 3 simple steps

February 23, 2016

Last week, we talked about hotel-ifying the guest room, so this week we’re focusing on the bathroom! Again, if you don’t have an extra bathroom for your company to use, you can still do a few things to your own bathroom to help make your company’s stay a little more comfortable. Here are the three areas I focused on in my efforts to spruce up our bathroom.

1. Set the mood
I love candles, but I also love using these little outlet melters in the bathroom. Since the space is so small, it smells really good in no time at all, and it also doubles as a nightlight. Since fragrances can be kind of personal, I went with fairly neutral aromatherapy scents in the bathroom. This helps set the mood and makes the space feel a little more spa-like!


2. Anticipate a need
This is probably where I focused most of my attention, because with my planner-like tendencies and all, this was the most fun for me! I made sure we had plenty of the necessities available in the bathroom for company to use — a hairdryer, mouthwash, carafe for water, and plenty of TP.





I also make sure to have plenty of shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and scrubs available in the shower. I initially wanted to stock the bathroom with one signature line of products, but then I realized how expensive and unnecessary that was — so our company is stuck with a slew of products and even a few of my personal leftovers. (Sorry, guys!) If you’re starting from scratch though, I do think committing to one brand could be a nice touch!



In the cabinet where we store our towels and washcloths, I’ve also added some small toiletries that company may have forgotten to bring — like toothbrushes, razors, feminine products, wrinkle releaser, etc.



3. Create comfort
I know personally that robes can take up a lot of suitcase space, so they are often left at home. Because of this, I keep an extra robe in our guest bathroom for company to use when they visit. I used to have one of my own robes in there, but I recently replaced it with this over-sized one that feels a little more hotel-like.


And far less glamorous, but I also make sure to have a plunger tucked away in an easy-to-find location — because having to ask for a plunger might be the single most uncomfortable thing, ever! This one is new, but I plan on sticking a little tray under it — to keep things a little more sanitary!


Are there any other tips you all have for preparing your bathroom for company? I’d love to hear!

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    THE BATHROBE! I can attest to this being a personal favorite for my visits to sweet Abs!

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