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4 simple steps for creating floral arrangements that won’t break the bank

February 9, 2016

I love having fresh blooms in the house. Not only do they smell great and brighten up a space, but research has even found that having fresh flowers in your home increases happiness and positivity while reducing depression and anxiety. Sign me up!

The arrangements I put together for our home pale in comparison to arrangements created by a professional florist, but they are also significantly cheaper, so I make do. And truth be told, I really have no clue what I’m doing here, and I’m sure florists everywhere are cringing at these simplified tips — so with that awesome and confident build up… here are four steps I follow when creating my own arrangements!

Step 1: Selecting your blooms
I try to select three different pieces when creating an arrangement: attention grabbers for the focal piece, some more delicate blooms for balance, and then a little greenery or branches to fill in the gaps. (These are very scientific and technical terms, btw! 😉 )




Step 2: Choosing a vase
When choosing a vase, the two things I focus on most are the height of the vase and the width of the lip. Don’t feel limited to using an actual vase though — any hollowed-out container works, as long as the size is proportionate to your flowers! I didn’t have a great vase for the length of these stems, so I added some rocks to the bottom of the vase to help give my arrangement some additional height.


Step 3: Set yourself up for success
For starters, I always trim my stems at an angle. This helps them absorb more water. For most blooms, luke-warm water works best, but the trick is: you should really change out your water daily. I’m the worst offender of this, but when I change it often, I do notice the flowers lasting longer. I also always use the flower food that comes with the flowers at the grocery store, and I think that helps, too. If my stems have leaves below the water line, I remove them. I read somewhere once that leaves below the water line will absorb a lot of the water, leaving less for the actual flower — and that sounded believable enough to me so I went with it!

Update: My sister-in-law shared a great tip in case you don’t have flower food — just use a shot of vodka (to kill any bacteria) and a pinch of sugar!



Step 4: Creating your arrangement
I start by placing my attention-grabbing blooms in the vase. I didn’t do a very good job of this, but it always looks great when these focal pieces are placed at varying heights. Next, I added my more delicate blooms to balance out the overall shape. Finally, I added my greenery to fill in the gaps.





I honestly struggled with this arrangement a little, and it’s definitely lacking a pop-of-color, but it still brightens up our island some.



I secretly love how the colors in this arrangement perfectly-match the colors in the arrangement on my dish towel. #NerdAlert

I ended up with more blooms than I had room for in my vase, so I created a smaller arrangement with what I had left over.



I also ended up with one small rose on a stem that was too short for either of my vases. I couldn’t stand the thought of tossing it, so I scoured the house in search of a tiny vase. When I couldn’t find one, I settled on a shot glass — because we’re nothing if we aren’t classy around here! 😉


That’s all I’ve got! Please share any tips y’all have on DIY-ing your floral arrangements — I’ll take all the help I can get!