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Stock the occasions closet: gift wrap

February 11, 2016

Since we’ve already tackled stocking the gift shelf, I thought this would be a good time to talk about stocking the gift wrapping station! There are few activities I enjoy more than wrapping gifts. When I was a kid, I loved to watch my mom wrap her gifts – the paper was always folded so crisply and she ties the most perfect bow! As crazy as it may sound, wrapping (and watching others wrap) is almost therapeutic for me.

Before we start, I will warn you – I use the term “gift wrapping station” very loosely. I put my rolls of paper in an unused trashcan and use a couple of bins on a shelf to organize my wrapping supplies. Before we had an extra closet to store all of my wrapping necessities, I just used a big plastic tub. So really – anything works!

Here are four types of supplies I keep stocked with my gift wrap, to make wrapping gifts quick and easy!TOC_stock the closet gift wrap

1. Ribbon:
I like to keep both grosgrain and satin ribbon in my stash! My go-to grosgrain is the Taffy Stripe from The Ribbon Factory, and my favorite satin is the Premium Double Faced Satin from Nashville Wraps. Both come on large rolls and are much more affordable per yard than rolls sold in craft stores!

2. Gift tags:
I try to pick up cute gift tags anytime I see them! My go-tos are the signature gift tags from The Container Store, but I do think they’re a little pricey for gift tags. I’ve also had good luck finding tags at Sample House and Target. Or if you are super crafty (like my mom), you could even make your own!

3. Baker’s twine:
I keep a few different colors of baker’s twine in my supply and find myself using it all the time! I always use it to attach gift tags to presents, but I also use it to dress up baked goods and as ribbon on small gifts.

4. Wrapping paper:
I have way too many rolls of wrapping paper currently taking up residence in my trash can wrapping station, but truth be told — I really only use three different rolls: one patterned roll, one roll of kraft paper, and one roll of plain white. My favorite patterned paper is Loft 213 Stone Wrap. It’s made from lime stone, and the texture is amazing! It is also super easy to work with. It’s typically sold at Marshalls, T.J.Maxx and HomeGoods, but you can also order certain rolls from Nashville Wraps. My go to store for buying kraft paper and white paper is The Container Store.

Any other wrapping supplies y’all can’t live without?! I’d love to hear!