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Hotel-ify the guest bathroom with 3 simple steps

February 23, 2016

Last week, we talked about hotel-ifying the guest room, so this week we’re focusing on the bathroom! Again, if you don’t have an extra bathroom for your company to use, you can still do a few things to your own bathroom to help make your company’s stay a little more comfortable. Here are the three areas I focused on in my efforts to spruce up our bathroom.

1. Set the mood
I love candles, but I also love using these little outlet melters in the bathroom. Since the space is so small, it smells really good in no time at all, and it also doubles as a nightlight. Since fragrances can be kind of personal, I went with fairly neutral aromatherapy scents in the bathroom. This helps set the mood and makes the space feel a little more spa-like!


2. Anticipate a need
This is probably where I focused most of my attention, because with my planner-like tendencies and all, this was the most fun for me! I made sure we had plenty of the necessities available in the bathroom for company to use — a hairdryer, mouthwash, carafe for water, and plenty of TP.





I also make sure to have plenty of shampoo, conditioner, soaps, and scrubs available in the shower. I initially wanted to stock the bathroom with one signature line of products, but then I realized how expensive and unnecessary that was — so our company is stuck with a slew of products and even a few of my personal leftovers. (Sorry, guys!) If you’re starting from scratch though, I do think committing to one brand could be a nice touch!



In the cabinet where we store our towels and washcloths, I’ve also added some small toiletries that company may have forgotten to bring — like toothbrushes, razors, feminine products, wrinkle releaser, etc.



3. Create comfort
I know personally that robes can take up a lot of suitcase space, so they are often left at home. Because of this, I keep an extra robe in our guest bathroom for company to use when they visit. I used to have one of my own robes in there, but I recently replaced it with this over-sized one that feels a little more hotel-like.


And far less glamorous, but I also make sure to have a plunger tucked away in an easy-to-find location — because having to ask for a plunger might be the single most uncomfortable thing, ever! This one is new, but I plan on sticking a little tray under it — to keep things a little more sanitary!


Are there any other tips you all have for preparing your bathroom for company? I’d love to hear!


Hotel-ify the guest room by focusing on 4 key areas

February 16, 2016

This post comes with the caveat that I really think being a gracious host is about a lot more than the amenities you provide for your company. Being welcoming, warm and loving goes a long way in creating an inviting space that your company will want to visit again and again. If you’re tight on space and just have a couch or an air-mattress to offer up, your company will still love visiting! And there are little things you can do to show them how happy you are to be hosting.

Since both Mr. AG and I have families in different states, we have overnight guests fairly often. About a year ago, I set out on a mission to spruce up our guest room and guest bath. We’ll tackle the bathroom in another post, but today, we’re going to talk about the four areas I focused on in my mission to hotel-ify our guest room.

1. The Welcome.

We always want our company to know how excited we are that they’re visiting, so I do a few things to make sure they feel welcome. I set up a little chalkboard welcome sign with a few pieces of information on it like the wifi network and password, where to find extra pillows/blankets, and where the towels/washcloths are stored.

I also leave out a few snacks, water, and some reading materials — but that’s only because I’m crazy and get embarrassingly excited for sleepovers!

And lastly, most people understand TVs much better than I do, but in the case that we have any guests like me, I’ve labeled the remotes so they know which one to use for power/volume. (And also so when I’m folding laundry in there, I remember how to operate the TV!)


2. The Bedding.

People can be kind of particular about their pillows, so I try to have a few different options of firmness available.

I also switch out the blanket on the bed to match the seasons. In the cooler months, I put a heavier blanket on the bed, but when the temperatures warm up, I switch it out with a much lighter-weight cotton blanket.


3. The Nightstand.

A few months after Mr. AG and I started dating, we went to visit his family. This was also the first time I had ever met his parents, so imagine how nervous you think I might have been and then go ahead and multiply that by 10! When we arrived at their home, there was a framed picture of us on the nightstand in the room where I would be sleeping. This very small gesture immediately made me feel more comfortable and welcome, so I’ve stolen the trick and now do the same for our company! While we keep several photos of family and friends in our guest room, if we happen to have visitors who aren’t in any of the photographs, I try to add one.

 I also try to light a candle before our company arrives, so the room smells fresh and feels cozy.

I know most people use their phones for a clock/alarm, but I have a small one just in case they need a back up!

In the nightstand drawers, I keep a bible, an iPhone charger, and some pens/paper. In the bottom drawer, I keep a Sudoku book, because my dad loves him some Sudoku puzzles!


4. The Storage.

I have a luggage rack that I keep in our guest room, to make it a little easier for company to access their things. I also try to clear out a small section in the closet for anything they may want to hang.


The majority of these things may go unnoticed, but if it helps one guest feel more celebrated and comfortable, then mission accomplished! I’d love to hear any ways you prepare your home for company!

Summer blanket: Kohl’s
Winter blanket: Target
Luggage rack: Bed Bath & Beyond