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Fake Calligraphy in Three Easy Steps

January 27, 2016

As a life-long doodler of words, I often get asked questions about penmanship and calligraphy. I doodle lettering on anything and everything — napkins, grocery lists, you name it! My husband (Mr. AG) will even tell you that I often unconsciously “air-doodle” with an imaginary pen, on imaginary paper. Whoops!

While I don’t discriminate against any particular lettering style, I tend to favor calligraphy. I’m going to let you in on a little secret, though. Majority of the time, I fake my calligraphy. (Gasp!) Why? Because real calligraphy is equal parts hard and messy.

Here are three easy steps to fake calligraphy and instantly up your lettering game!

Step 1: When writing in cursive, stretch out your tails.


Step 2: Employ the bouncing baseline.


Step 3: Thicken only your down strokes.



All together now…


And there you have it! See what a difference that makes? Now you, too, can start faking calligraphy. And before long, you’ll find yourself air-doodling, too!

To see a quick time lapse of the entire process, click here