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The prepared traveler: 3 things I keep in my suitcase at all times

February 25, 2016

Packing for trips is my favorite! Unpacking when I return home can sometimes take me an embarrassingly long time, but we’ll climb that mountain later. Today, we’re focusing on packing!

I’m by no means a frequent traveler. Mr. AG and I travel to visit family and friends every couple of months, and I only travel for work a handful of times a year, but I still like to be prepared. Because of this, there are a few items I keep in my suitcase 100% of the time.

TOC_suitcase v2

1. travel bags
Since I use these every time I travel, it made sense to just store them in my suitcase. Though they make some really cute bags (like these Kate Spade ones), you actually don’t need anything fancy to do the job. Even a large freezer bag will do! I try to put my shoes in one, which protects the rest of my suitcase from the grossness of the bottom of my soles. I also like to have a couple of lingerie bags to separate dirty and clean undergarments.

2. extra pair of socks
I try to leave a pair of clean socks in my suitcase at all times, because socks are the things I’m most likely to forget — especially in the summer months when we wear so many sock-less shoes. If I’m staying in a hotel, I try not to walk around barefoot, so the emergency socks often come in handy.

3. extra pillowcase
Germs can be gross, but germs exiting or entering the face can be especially gross. This is where the extra pillowcase comes in handy! Hopefully when you travel, you’re staying at places that are clean and sanitary, but in the case that you find yourself in a less-than-accommodating situation, you’ll never be happier you were prepared. I’m proud to report I’ve only had to use my emergency pillowcase once!

One of these days, I’ll share some stories from the times when I would “practice pack” — but I think it still may be a little soon for that. 😉

Do any of you frequent travelers have any packing tips to share? I’d love to hear!