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Trays for days: 7 unexpected places where trays make perfect sense

January 29, 2016
Before sitting down to write this post, I took a quick stroll through our house to find all of the places where I had stashed a tray. I’m a little embarrassed to admit that we have more than 15 trays serving various purposes in our home. Yikes!


One of the reasons I love trays so much is because they help organize my otherwise cluttered spaces. They also give my clutter some boundaries, which is super helpful!


So here it goes — 7 places I stashed a tray in our home:


1. Coffee Table
The first and most obvious spot for a tray was on our “coffee table.” We actually don’t have a coffee table, so we use an ottoman, which almost requires a hard surface of some sort. In our case, this tray is an actual necessity because it’s currently covering up a rather large stain on the ottoman. Two birds, one stone!


2. Kitchen Table
The next and less obvious place where I use a tray is as a centerpiece on our kitchen table. I added a small salt and pepper shaker to make it a little less decorative and a little more functional.


3. Coffee Bar
Until recently, I didn’t really drink coffee, so I had a tiny little 4-cup coffee pot. My mom eventually tired of using it when she visited, so she gifted us a larger, real-life, adult coffee pot. (Thanks, Mom!) I decided to put it on a tray and added a few other coffee-related items, because whether or not I drink much coffee, staging a tray was something I could really get on board with!


4. Kitchen Sink
The kitchen sink can be a real situation in our house. I don’t necessarily love having soaps or sprays out on the counter, because we don’t have a lot of extra counter top space — but I do love the convenience of having it right there. A small tray was the perfect solution for this! It houses our dish soap, hand soap and lotion, counter top spray and a candle. Even though it’s still a little clutter-y, it’s definitely more contained!


5. Bar
I love the idea of a bar cart, but we don’t really have a place for one, so I transformed the buffet we have in our dining room into a makeshift bar. Using trays to contain bottles and mixers was a good solution for de-cluttering the counter space!


6. Bathroom
I found these great little acrylic trays at The Container Store for super cheap, so I put them on top of the commodes in all of our bathrooms. Just enough room for a book, tissues and some air freshener without being too big for the space.


7. Bathtub
I have always loved baths! I take one every single night and love to use bath salts and different scrubs. The tub was beginning to look like a cluttered mess, so I decided to put a tray behind it to contain all of my bath supplies. And this is where the boundaries thing comes into play — I’m officially out of room on my tray, which is a visual reminder that I don’t need any more bath supplies!


So there you have it! Are there any other tray hoarders out there?!



Kitchen Sink Tray: T.A. Lorton (Tulsa) (No longer in stock, sorry!)